Other common parasites in cats are the cucumber seed tapeworm and the fox tapeworm.

Other common parasites in cats are the cucumber seed tapeworm and the fox tapeworm.

One therefore wishes – in addition to the regulation – a "Pet Act". According to Kopernik, this should regulate what already applies to breeders organized in the VDH: They have to complete training and prove that the local requirements for breeding are appropriate. And their dogs must have a behavioral and health test.

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According to Kopernik, the conditions of many dogs would improve after breeding with the owner: Because trained breeders would never give someone a dog that does not do him justice.

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Dogs are getting older, some are even over 20 years of age. The senior citizens on four paws then have different demands – in terms of food, provision and exercise.

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When dogs get old, they are no better off than us humans. The niggles increase, the hearing as well as the eyesight decrease, the movements become more and more rigid. Otherwise, the body changes, the likelihood of illness increases. The owners should therefore watch their animal closely.

When is a dog even old?

The formula is often quoted: the age of a dog times seven is the age of a person. But it is not suitable for answering this question. Because when a dog becomes a senior depends on the size of the animal. A Great Dane is almost Methuselah at the age of seven, but it is asian brides com the best age for a West Highland or Jack Russell Terrier. After all, the little four-legged friends can easily live to be 16 to 17 years old.

Dogs need this care in old age
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The average life expectancy of dogs:

race Average life expectancy
German Mastiff 7 to 8 years
Golden retriever 10 to 12 years
German shepherd dog 10 to 12 years
Dalmatian 11 to 13 years
pug 13 to 15 years
dachshund  12 to 16 years
Jack Russell Terrier 14 to 17 years
Chihuahua 10 to 18 years
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In the past few decades, the life expectancy of dogs has increased enormously. There are even dogs that have already celebrated their 20th birthday. The animals are now often better cared for than in the past, and veterinary medicine has made progress. As a result, veterinarians now treat diseases that used to be rare – because hardly any animal was that old.

Typical diseases of older dogs

Typical diseases of old dogs include osteoarthritis, circulatory problems and tumors. Dementia is also becoming more and more common among four-legged friends. This leads to a disorientation, the animals become forgetful, unclean and are suddenly nocturnal. Pet owners can then try medication to influence this disease.

When an animal gets old, it is a gradual process. At some point the owner realizes that the dog no longer plays so much, no longer wants to go for a walk, needs more breaks and sleeps a lot. It is best if owners present the dog to the vet for a general examination once a year. The assesses the general condition of the animal, palpates the lymph nodes and the stomach, listens to the heart and lungs, examines the eyes, ears, nose and teeth. 

He can also take blood and have it examined. A regular health check can help to identify and treat cardiovascular diseases, joint or intervertebral disc problems and tumor diseases in good time.

Cloudy eyes don’t have to mean anything bad

Dog: Aging in dogs is a gradual process. (Source: stonena7 / Getty Images)

When it comes to eyes, dog owners often have misunderstandings. Because the eyes of older dogs often get cloudy, but that doesn’t have to mean anything bad. The lens tissue becomes denser and therefore appears cloudy from a certain angle. The dogs can still see well. A look at the claws is also important. Because if the animals walk less due to their age, the claws can become too long and grow in, which is painful for the animals.

Another common problem in old age is obesity. This can often be remedied by changing your diet combined with moderate and regular exercise. Special, calorie-reduced senior food is recommended.

In addition, sufficient exercise must be ensured, this also applies to small dogs. Even if they are only progressing slowly – they should run themselves and not be carried. Because exercise promotes the oxygen supply to the organism, helps reduce stress, and keeps joints and muscles fit.

Suitable sport for senior dogs

However, the movement must be adapted to the physical condition of the dog. Short sprints and stops, for example at ball games, are extremely unsuitable for four-legged seniors who often suffer from joint problems. Regular walks, where the dog can determine the pace himself, are much better. Search games are suitable to make things more exciting. These also help to keep the animal mentally fit.

There are also many offers for older dogs. This includes hoopers, a senior-friendly form of popular agility. The dog does not jump over obstacles, but runs through a level course. Rally obedience is also well suited, here dogs and humans have to complete small exercises on a varied course. Swimming is also good for the senior. In addition, massages and underwater treadmills are offered in physiotherapy. These help to keep the muscles longer or to rebuild them.

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That helps with pain 

If something hurts an animal, it should definitely be treated. No old dog has to be in pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs, for example for osteoarthritis, also relieve pain.

Otherwise a vicious circle threatens: The animal moves less and less because of the pain, and the joint suffers more and more. In addition, the likelihood of obesity increases – which is ultimately poison for the joints.

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Especially in the summer months, four-legged friends drink more than usual. However, drinking too much can also indicate a clinical picture. How can you find out how much the dog is drinking?

"My dog ​​drinks so much, is that normal?" the vet is often asked. If he wants to know how much the four-legged friend actually drinks, the dog owner usually cannot answer that. So animal owners first have to determine exactly how much the problem child is consuming, explains Tina Hölscher, veterinarian at the Aktion Tier organization.

How is it measured correctly?

The best way to do this is to put a measured amount of water in the water bowl in the morning. The next morning you measure what is left. However, the amount of liquid that is absorbed through the feed must also be added. This is the only way to get exact values.

For example, canned food contains 80 percent liquid – a 400-gram can therefore adds 320 milliliters of water. With pure dry feed, on the other hand, this moisture content does not apply.

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Do not falsify the result

On the day of measurement, great care must be taken to ensure that the animal does not drink from puddles or streams. That would falsify the result, so the veterinarian. Your rule of thumb: On days without extreme temperatures and average activity, 100 milliliters of water per kilo of body weight would be healthy. A ten-kilo dog, for example, shouldn’t need more than a liter of water in 24 hours.

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Relationships between people from different cultures can often lead to misunderstandings and problems: The Thai government therefore has an initial one "Marriage clinic" opened for such couples.

Often not only the different language but also the culture can lead to problems in a relationship. Thailand has now presented a solution so that disagreements and violent disputes do not immediately lead to a divorce.

The so-called "Thai daughter-in-law – Farang son-in-law" The center was set up in Khon Kaen in the northeast of the country, as Chattaporn Ngamkliang from the responsible ministry for social development says. Lots of women who have relationships with in Thailand "Farang" mentioned foreigners come from this economically disadvantaged region. Often at the urging of their families, they try to escape poverty in this way.

Prevent human trafficking and abuse

"Many Thai women want to marry foreigners and move abroad, but they lack cultural understanding" says Chattaporn. Some women have also been victims of vertigo, human trafficking or abuse. The center offers free courses on dealing with intercultural problems.

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Private providers already offer courses on how to find a foreign man. Thai women married to foreigners often move to their husbands home country.

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Especially when your cat is outdoors, it can easily catch parasites. But be careful: indoor cats can also be affected. You should therefore pay attention to certain instructions. 

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Outdoor cats love to hunt mice and other animals. However, it is not uncommon for them to catch tapeworms and other parasites. The infestation can be well controlled by owners treating their pets with wormer cures.

According to the Federal Association for Animal Health, pet owners should subject their pets to a wormer about four times a year. A monthly cure is even recommended for particularly endangered animals. This applies to cats that spend a lot of time outdoors, for example. But cats that are purely indoor can also be affected.

Many affected animals are indoor cats

A study by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover has shown that one fifth of the animals affected by dishworms are pure indoor cats. The experts suspect that people carry infectious worm eggs into the home with their shoes.

Which parasites cats or dogs are infected with depends, among other things, on the region and how they are kept. The cat tapeworm is particularly fond of nesting in cats. Although it is only dangerous for the animals if it is heavily infested, it causes itching. Owners can recognize this when their animal slips conspicuously with its rear end over the ground.

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Cucumber seed and fox tapeworm attack cats

Other common parasites in cats are the cucumber seed tapeworm and the fox tapeworm.